Those who know me, know that I love to edit photos, to see how much I can get out of an image, what details I can find, how I can make it even prettier than reality. It’s an art, and a science, and it’s also a source of relaxation for me.

Here are some edits – these are all different shots, but similar, and edited differently.
The first one is from my last RegularRandom post.


Which one is you favourite, and why?

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7 replies on “Editing Tulip Photos

  1. Like picking your favorite child! 😀 I think I like the second one best…. The darker color makes this one look like it’s floating. The little lines in the petals make it look like an old painting. I just really like it!

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      1. yes – and I did look closely a few times and think I NOW know why i like that one best 🙂
        it is the value (light to dark) with color (as opposed to the mono third – which is nice) and the second is a lot of rich color and not as clear (to me that is…) and so the first has that gradation of light to dark.
        also – just FYI – from the reader – i thought that was a line of water and maybe wind was captured – but on closer look we see different – hmmm

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        1. I like your thinking. I agree with your choice. Although I do like the second one as well. I think the mono needs a little more clarity and contrast. I LOVE that you saw wind and water 😊

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          1. actually I like all three so much – and together they make a wonderful trio – especially with the interest – so to pick a fav was not to find flaws in the others (if that makes sense) and glad we did not have to pick a fav – it really was fun to look at all three


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