We drove to just outside the city centre of Delft, but the bus is not allowed to enter, so we walked about 15 minutes into the centre.

Of course, on the way, it started to rain, so we dashed into a hot chocolate shop to stay warm and dry until it passed. I met a lovely couple from Malta on the bus, and I waited with them while having a hot chocolate and chatting about where we are from, and what it’s like there. They knew Australia and have been here before, and as it turns out, they have family in my hometown! Not only that, their family is one of the local sugar cane farming families, as is mine, so I knew their name. They took down my name as well, to let their family know that they met a local.

On the walk back, I stopped at this gorgeous big tree again and took a few more shots, with both the Olympus and the iPhone – which do you prefer?

x desleyjane

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