A work friend’s husband is in a heavy metal band called Forklift Assassins. They were performing in a little bar nearby last night, so a group of us from work decided to get together for dinner and drinks and then headed to the bar to see the guys perform.

I’ve been wanting to shoot a band again, it’s been ages since the last time. Lighting is always a real issue when shooting live music, it is very dark, with pockets of extremely bright light from the stage lights. Plus these guys move around a lot, especially the drummer, who’s hands never stop moving.

It was a relatively brief shoot, about 45 minutes in total – extremely loud, great fun, although at times frustrating having such a wide lens (35mm) – I didn’t bring another with me, because I knew it would be quick.

The photos aren’t the best quality. I had to shoot at incredibly high ISO (10,000) and then I upped the shadows and exposure in Lightroom in editing. So all of that results in grainy shots, but I quite like that look for live music – it has that newspaper quality, and I think it adds to the vibe.

What do you think?

x desleyjane



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