The Flower Edit

A quick note before the real post starts: It’s 7pm on Friday night. I’ve been away all week for work, arrived home very very late last night and have spent the day catching up on so much work missed during the week. I’ve really missed the blogging world and all of you guys, so I…

Deconstructed Flower – 6

Julie and I have been at it again. This time, she came to my place and we filled my apartment with photography experiments. One of the many things she brought with her was this purple rose! It had been dyed purple. It seemed perfect for a deconstruction🙂 And then the deconstruction. The petals were gorgeous….


Water, water everywhere! For the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O. This week, I’ve featured shots that I’ve posted previously. It seems I take a lot of water shots! x desleyjane

iPhriday – A Surprising Instagram Moment

I consider myself to my own worst critic. Although maybe not. Maybe there are people out there who hate what I do. That’s ok, but not what I want to hear of course.  I feel like I have a good handle on what makes a good photograph. I pore over my shots when editing and…

Caged Flowers

This is a little session in light painting, again with Julz. You can see the tracks of the wand reflected in the bulb. I love the backdrop in these shots, it’s really lovely. I find it a little cold. It’s a nice picture, but it’s cold and lacking something. I took another shot and converted…

Deconstructed Flower – 5

After Julz and I finished painting the red rose, we decided to deconstruct it🙂 Here it is earlier in the day. I had it on a white tablecloth near a window, with a white sheer curtain behind it. I love the light. Here’s a reminder of the light painting – you can see the full…

Painted Rose

Thank goodness for Julz or I might never get any photography done these days! This is another series from an afternoon in her studio. We were immersed in darkness, with nothing but Julie’s coveted light wand and the faint glow from our camera screens to show us the way. What fun we had! Here is…

Sydney’s Northern Beaches

I’ve just arrived back to Melbourne from Sydney. I was there all week for a sales and marketing meeting, but I went up on the Saturday and spent a wonderful evening with good friends. On Sunday, I spent the day with another good friend, we had lunch and took a drive through the northern beaches….

Still Life – Fruit Salad

Again, a session with Julz in her studio. Our first experiment for the day was capturing this fruit in natural light. I love the colours. Pop over to Julie’s blog to see how we set up this shoot. But I had to try it in black and white – a nice creamy tone, which I…

Deconstructed Flower – 4

This time, the victim is this gorgeous Pom Pom Carnation – how adorable is this flower? So cheerful. So undeserving. After the blade: It’s even pretty in black and white: And some final close ups: x desleyjane

A Ranunculus Study

Julie and I spent a long, exhausting and utterly brilliant day in her studio playing with all sorts of wonderful photography-related thingies. These Ranunculus flowers were going to be deconstructed. Actually we did chop one up but it wasn’t pleasant, so instead here are some macro shots of these gorgeous and intricate flowers. We had…

iPhriday – The Wall

For Lisa’s iPhriday, this amazing wall found while out walking with Gidget last weekend. Happy Weekend to you all! x desleyjane