Deconstructed Flower – 4

This time, the victim is this gorgeous Pom Pom Carnation – how adorable is this flower? So cheerful. So undeserving. After the blade: It’s even pretty in black and white: And some final close ups: x desleyjane

A Ranunculus Study

Julie and I spent a long, exhausting and utterly brilliant day in her studio playing with all sorts of wonderful photography-related thingies. These Ranunculus flowers were going to be deconstructed. Actually we did chop one up but it wasn’t pleasant, so instead here are some macro shots of these gorgeous and intricate flowers. We had…

iPhriday – The Wall

For Lisa’s iPhriday, this amazing wall found while out walking with Gidget last weekend. Happy Weekend to you all! x desleyjane

Macro Garden Series – 27

We leave the Botanical Gardens now, and head to my friend’s garden and her flowering bromeliads. Such a beautiful colour and a very spiky flower. Can you tell that they’re related to the pineapple, which is my favourite bromeliad? x desleyjane

I’m Feeling Exposed

You know me, I love a good over-exposed shot. I love the blown out highlights, with just the right amount of contrast and clarity brought back in to make for an interesting (I hope) shot. First, this shot of some costume jewellery.   And, I have a soft spot for this shot. I love the…

Fresh & Vintage, Mirrored

This was the same day that produced: Morning Light When Life Hands You Lemons Bottles & Bubbles Deconstructed Flower – 1 This is a really good experiment, that teaches you a lot about framing a shot. x desleyjane    

Deconstructed Flower – 3

As you may know, my love of horror films has led me to set upon poor defenceless flowers and slashing them up for my own (and hopefully your) photographic and visual pleasure. Previously, I’ve done a rose and a tulip. This week, it’s a very strange little plant called Serruria, commonly known as Blushing Bride….

iPhriday – Instagram Catchup

I’m sorry I’ve been so absent again lately. I’ve been travelling for work again, back to Brisbane, but was sick again the entire time. Maybe I’m allergic to Brisbane (lol) or more likely, people on planes have too many bugs to share. Actually, I lost my voice on Saturday and didn’t get back properly until…

Macro Garden Series – 24

These gorgeous little pink flowers almost look painted with this high contrast treatment. Shot at the Royal Melbourne Botanical Gardens. Olympus OMD EM5, 60m macro. x desleyjane