Alone or Lonely?
Alone or Lonely?

In solitude, where we are least alone. ~ George Gordon, Lord Byron, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage

Today I am flying home and I had eager plans to photograph a scene in the Qantas lounge to reflect the solitude and also the loneliness that can be caused by frequent travel. I imagined a weary traveller sitting at his computer with a glass of wine surrounded by the blurred activity of the world moving around him.
Unfortunately, I was thwarted by time, work and traffic, so I am using this image from a recent trip to Lake Wanaka in New Zealand. My dear companion in the photo was not having a great day and was feeling disconnected from the group. We found this rock and he just decided to climb it, so we let him be and I was able to get a few photographs that I quite like.

I am feeling slightly melancholy tonight, like the figure in this image  I am ready to go home…

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