Dear Sweet Boy.
Dear Sweet Boy.

I have been dying for an opportunity to show you this portrait of my lovely friend, actually he is the partner of one of my all-time-favourite people, so he has become a dear friend of mine as well. You may remember his silhouette from the Photo101 Solitude post.

Cardinal Guzman has challenged me to join in the 5-day B&W photo challenge, where I must post a black and white photo each day for 5 days and nominate someone else to join the challenge. ย I’d like to nominate dear Lucile de Godoy to join the challenge with me.

This photo (also as part of Photo101 Rehab) was taken with my Olympus OMD EM5 camera with a 60mm (120mm equivalent) macro lens at f/2.8 and at 1/4000s (wow so fast) and with an ISO of 2500. So, clearly, I could have dropped the ISO and slowed down the shutter a little. Regardless, I am so happy with the results. This boy is a great subject, very photogenic. He has many voices and also many accents – he is very talented when mimicking accents from all over the world!

To joinย this challenge, you must post B&W photography for the next five days, and each day nominate another photographer to enter the challenge. Good luck! I’m looking forward to seeing the results!

x desleyjane

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36 replies on “Beautiful Boy (B&W1, Rehab10)

  1. You naughty girl! What a start for a challenge!
    Seriously good picture. As I understood he isn’t a model, but did a great job as one, the one shooting has the credit for it, and may start a parallel career. The flyingphotomodellingscientist!

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              1. Please do. I haven’t yet studied the camera’s manual and most often remain respectfully scared of all possibilities, refraining myself to auto, only aperture, only shutter, but not yet manual. And still, a long way to go…will take the two weeks holiday to read and practice it. We’re looking into new lenses as well, but nothing decided yet. Maybe will start just buying an adapter to use my Nikon lenses.


                1. Oh you will have so much fun. I learnt so much just by sticking with aperture mode for months and then shutter mode for those types of shots. And I always shoot in raw+jpeg so that I can play in Lightroom as well.๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Usually I take pictures in full color, but there are times when it is necessary to shoot in black and white. They add drama to the scene.

    BTW, I added a black and white version of an earlier color photograph in my blog today per your request. I hope you like it. I’m also interested in obtaining more information about your Olympus camera, Therefore, if possible, I would like to contact you via e-mail. If this is okay with you, please let me know and we could exchange e-mail addresses.

    The more I read about mirrorless cameras, the more I like Olympus and Fuji. Still undecided which is my best buy. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. I like your photography work immensely.



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    1. Thanks Omar. Yes that should be ok. I have to find out more about the Fuji. I used to read camera recoews on the plane.
      I saw your b&w and left a comment – I really like it, thanks for trying it out!


  3. Perfect portrait – especially the eyes which sparkle, and I agree with the Cardinal, the crop and composition are just great
    So, take more portraits!
    And looking forward to seeing more in black and white from both you and Lucile!

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