Story Glow.I have been infatuated with The Story Bridge in Brisbane my whole life. My Mum, Dad, brother and I would drive to Brisbane at Christmas time quite regularly. It is almost 1,000km which took us about 12 hours with stops along the way. I remember asking my parents how long until we saw the bridge. Mum would get Dad’s camera out and take a photo as we went over the bridge and I was always fascinated with the metal intricacies of this lovely bridge.

I have since moved to Brisbane (almost 15 years ago) and I still love the bridge. The city has added lights to the bridge and these are coloured for various health awareness campaigns, most recently pink for breast cancer.

To address the tips in today’s theme, I wanted to get up close to the bridge. I’ve always seen it from a distance on the “riverside” area of the city and sometimes from one of the CityCat taxi boats that go up and down the Brisbane River. So today, for the first time in my life, I explored the streets around the bridge. The areas are built up with hotels, apartments and roads so it was difficult to figure out where to go. I found the base of the bridge on the south side and was able to get some shots from underneath the bridge, which was very cool.

I then drove across the bridge to find the northern base. With the G20 being held in Brisbane this weekend, the city has started to close to vehicles. At every turn, I found a road closure or a group of policemen and women directing people away from the area. I was almost ready to give up and was about to head south over the bridge again, when I decided to try a street off to the left of the bridge. JACKPOT – what a fantastic spot! I didn’t even know this spot existed and I stayed there from daylight to complete darkness and captured my beautiful bridge in all her glory.

Notice the archway in the pink and orange vertical shot? It’s the same arch that I saw at the southern base of the bridge (the photo in colour amongst the black and white shots in the first gallery). Very cool.

This whole photo101 process is SO COOL. Today, I would have been prepared to pull out an image from my files (I was going to use the Brisbane Wheel) but I really wanted to do something new. I am so thankful for this process. I used tonight to experiment with my camera in low light – opening up the aperture, slowing down the shutter speed, increasing the ISO. I’ve learnt a lot tonight. But I’ve also fallen in love with my bridge all over again.

x desleyjane

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34 replies on “Photo101(7): Landmark to G20.

  1. What a great story! And I just love how you stayed until the evening to capture the night shots. All are wonderful images, and I really enjoyed your shots from under the bridge, especially “Road to…” I understand the feelings you had when shooting your favorite bridge – exactly how I felt with the Golden Gate 🙂


    1. Thank you @Michelleintel that’s nice of you to say. It’s been an incredible couple of weeks, it’s pushed me to get out and SEE the world around me, I think that’s my favourite part of this. I’m constantly creating a frame around every scene in my head 😀

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  2. These are beautiful, Desley. Thank you for drawing my attention to them. I know photographers are keen on black and white. When I was a child that was the only choice. I much prefer colour! 🙂

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  3. beautiful shot Desley. I remember seeing the bridge lit up with fireworks raining down from it for its 50th anniversary. I watched from some riverside park i had not known existed till then. I’ve always loved the Storey Bridge and to get from Brissie’s north to south side I always go over Storey Bridge even if it’s out of my way. I don’t much like the functional William Jolley and the Victoria Bridge is just too annoying, so close to the city. It’s best at night, of course, the views from the bridge are beautiful.

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      1. no, because i am only back in sunny qld for hols. though i do remember the bridge being closed for something when i was home in july…. maybe it was that food festival? i thought it was another anniversary. i remember people saying the parking was terrible and they waited for hours and still couldnt even set foot upon the bridge!

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        1. Oh I see! Yes I understand that it was a nightmare. I didn’t go as I was in Sydney that week. It would have been cool though!! If you could get there. You had to buy tickets and there weren’t that many available. And you were allotted certain time of the day to go!! Much better to see the bridge from afar in that case I think!

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