We Queenslanders are quite used to crazy storms popping up out of nowhere and we’ve become quite good at predicting when a storm is going to happen. They can  be quite destructive so we have to be careful to keep safe. I think sometimes we get a little blasΓ© about it, which can be dangerous.

Last week, I was driving home from work and thought I’d stop by my favourite spot to get a shot of the Story Bridge since it was looking a bit stormy. I didn’t have my camera with me, but I thought my iPhone would do the trick. Here are the shots:



I’ve taken quite a few shots of this favourite bridge of mine before here and here.

Driving home from this location takes me via a spot called Kangaroo Point, which is a cliff that overlooks the city. Every time I drive along here, I want to stop and take photos but I’m either on my way somewhere and don’t have time or I’m on the way home and the traffic is bad, so it’s hard to stop.

This day however, I told myself, if there’s a car spot on the left (we drive on the left), I’ll take it and get some shots of the city and the storm clouds. Boy was I rewarded! The massive storm cloud was moving up from the south and then passing over the city, pouring rain over on the western side.




201510_Storm-12I was so engrossed in watching the clouds that I almost missed the signs. The temperature dropped and the wind really picked up, then the light went bright even though the sky was darkening. These are my signs. Plus the lightning was getting more frequent. So I snapped the last few shots and hightailed it back to the car.

Just in time.

The sky opened up and it started pouring rain, the wind was whipping the trees about, bits of bark and small branches were flying around everywhere, smacking into cars. It was crazy and probably the wildest storm that I’ve actually been out in. I’ve experienced much worse from the comfort of my own living room but I haven’t been out in one like this in a long while.

It was all over in about 20 minutes, and that’s another thing I love about Queensland, the storms are almost always quick. However, it meant my drive home took me an hour and forty minutes, instead of just the usual forty minutes.

While I probably should have been a little more careful, I absolutely don’t regret stopping.

For The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful. I’ve already posted some of these on Facebook and Instagram, but thought I would share them here. The storm was on Thursday, October 22nd, 2015.

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35 replies on “#QLDstorms

  1. Amazing clouds! I had a similar experience recently. On the first day of last week’s project 365 photos, I was out shooting super awesome high contrast clouds. Part of the sky was black, other parts were blue with fluffy white clouds. When I was done, I put my camera just inside the door and came back out to the greenhouse to water my plants. All of a sudden, a lightning storm started and rain started pelting from the sky. When I went back in, I turned on the TV to catch a bit of the news. Someone had sent a photo taken a few minutes earlier of a funnel cloud from where I live to the TV station. I was a little ticked that I missed that when I was out with my camera.

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    1. Oh man! How annoying. I’ve haven’t really been in a position to photograph storms very often before. Which is weird because we have so many. But usually I’m at home and we aren’t up very high and there’s not really a good uninterrupted view of the storm. So this was a fabulous opportunity. I might have to do it again soon!!

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  2. I’m glad you are safe and sound. Amazing a shots. Isn’t crazy, the things we do and risk for photography?!? I’d say that risk was well worth it, though. You got some amazing storm cloud pictures.

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    1. Thank you! Yep I think it was worth it too. I was pretty sure I knew when to run. Although apparently two people were struck by lightning in Sydney a few days earlier. Eek!


  3. I am amazed at the quality of the images here given you are using a phone! So it also takes panoramic shots? You have got some great storm clouds. I love that colour panoramic image. How’s the move going?

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    1. Thanks so much – yes all iPhone 6 and yep it has a panoramic function that works really well. The move is not going yet, still waiting to sell my house, but I may have found a place in Melbourne. Just have to make sure the finances work out πŸ˜‰

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        1. Right?! It’s the uncertainty, not knowing what the plan is. I will be going to mum and dad’s for Christmas and they’re in north QLD. But am I driving up from Brisbane or will I have to fly from Melbourne? Do I risk it and buy $300 plane tickets now or do j wait and potentially have to pay $800 later? Argh!! No wonder I can’t sleep 😜😜 Good luck, I hope it happens for you soon.

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          1. I don’t sleep well either. The other night I was writing a list of things to do at 4 am !!! It is a good job I don’t have a job to go to. When do you start work in Melbourne? Or is it flexible depending on the sale of your house?

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            1. Good grief, I hear you! How crazy is it. You really can’t stop your body from behaving the way it wants to sometimes. Yes it’s flexible although there is some pressure to get there soon now. Plus I really want to go 😦 😦 😦 LOL so dramatic.


                1. Hahaha. We are in the middle of another massive storm right now. The dog is freaking out, I’m drenched from rescuing my footstools and cushions. Eek! Thunderbolts and Lightning!!


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