Brisbane is a beautiful, laid back, comfortable city. We were at the end of Winter when I took thee shots and the temperatures ranged between 12 and 27 degrees Celsius this week. Fabulous.

A couple of weekends ago, two of my best friends and I went out for the day. We had a loose plan of having lunch, doing some window shopping and then heading to the World Press Photo Exhibition. We started with brunch before window shopping, then spent some time at Libertine Parfumerie which I’ve written about before. Then it seemed like time for a cocktail before we headed over to the exhibition.

The World Press Photo Exhibition was a truly confronting experience – the majority of photos were of tragedy and pain, images of war and heartache, social problems. Some of the images literally brought me to tears – the pain and sadness came through in the shots. Talented individuals, no doubt.

The Exhibition was displayed in one of my favourite buildings in Brisbane – The Powerhouse Museum. While we weren’t allowed to photograph the exhibition itself, I did relish taking shots in and around the museum itself. It is a gorgeous old building, with so much character and atmosphere.

Finally, I had to take the girls to see my bridge as it was almost sunset, so I was able to get these shots of this gorgeous bridge and city to end a glorious day.

Ok, so there are a lot of shots here, many apologies for the size of this post. It was  huge day and full of all emotions – hunger, satisfaction, happiness, sadness, sorrow, joy, passion and awe. What more could I really ask for?

Best wishes for a happy day – come visit Lucile’s Clinic for more photos from some great bloggers.

x desleyjane



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39 replies on “An August Sunday in Brisbane

  1. Don’t apologise! I think it’s good to mix up shorter and longer posts. This one didn’t feel long to me – though there’s plenty to explore – your galleries make it easy to take in lots at a sweep.

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    1. Thanks hun. It was a while ago and I had processed the photos and started the post, just needed time to finish it. We asked a lady to take our photo but we liked the selfies so much better, much more fun xox.


  2. I like a whole bunch of these shots, but it’s nearly impossible to click like on photos when they’re in a gallery and with Chrome browser (the like button turns into a tiny strip). I don’t have time to write comments on all the photos that I like either, but now you know. πŸ˜€

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    1. Thanks so much Max. I want to go and look at your comments on my computer so I know which photos they are threat you’ve commented on. Technology, huh? I really appreciate it and I’ll reply on those separately. πŸ˜€


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