As some of you know, we’ve had a very stormy few weeks in Brisbane. I managed to be out in one recently and was able to capture some great storm clouds coming over the city – you can see them here if you missed them.

The days are hot, in the mid-30s (Celsius) and become very steamy. Usually our storms roll in at around 4pm and are all over within an hour, having moved on, usually towards north east. On Friday night, we had a big one and I felt like it was sitting right on top of my house. It was wild and windy, with rapid and consistent both sheet and streak lightning and cracking thunder. Gidget was petrified and hasn’t left my side since.

On Saturday, I was home all day and put the air conditioner on after lunch and settled in to watch a movie. Sure enough, at around 4:30pm, the clouds rolled in and the light brightened and the heavens opened up. When it was over, I switched off the air conditioning and opened up the house. The sun was setting and I noticed that the light was remarkably golden so I thought I’d head out with my camera and see if I could get a few shots. I’m pretty happy with the result 🙂

The rain continues in the west, even after the sunset light faded out….

All taken with my Olympus OMD EM5 with the 17mm lens.
Let’s pop these into Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic.
x desleyjane

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39 replies on “After the Storm

  1. These are lovely, Desley. The colours are magnificent. I saw some awesome photos of storm clouds over Sydney, on Friday, Clouds and storms are amazing phenomena. As long as they don’t wreak too much damage!

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      1. That is exactly what I said! I thought it looked rather scary and I may not have been too happy seeing it come over. I didn’t hear any reports of the storm though so am not sure how severe it was.

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  2. Awesome! For some reason, most of your photos are either not showing up in my mobile app, or they are about an inch square. I saw these in miniature on my tablet when you first posted them, but couldn’t tell what they were. I’m glad I made a point of going back and looking at them on my iMac. 🙂

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      1. It’s not only on your blog. I think it’s an android app problem. I’ve been noticing the same thing on other blogs. It might be just in the gallery feature because it doesn’t happen with every photo. I see it most often in groups of photos.

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