Lavender Road.Day 10 already?! Wow. I love looking through all the posts and seeing how confident everyone is becoming, how many of us are posting multiple pics sometimes with stories attached.

We had a public holiday here in Brisbane  today for the first day of the G20 Summit. I decided to head up to Mount Tamborine which is about 90 minutes drive from my place. I invited my parents and my brother to join me and we had afternoon tea at a lovely cafe halfway up and then continued on the winding road almost to the top.

I spotted this bench, amidst the fallen jacaranda flowers and dappled in sunlight and decided that would be a good spot for my Mystery shot. I wonder who sits on this bench and what they think about, who they bring to sit with them and whether they realise how beautiful the spot is – or have the grown accustomed to the beauty around them?

Who Sits Here?

We were also very lucky to come across a number of small wallabies on the way up. If you look carefully, you can see some joeys in pouches!

Once we reached the top, we set up and watched the sunset, taking many shots to capture this beautiful place. I love where I live, it’s a glorious place.

Goodnight (when the evening comes for you).

x desleyjane

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8 replies on “Photo101(10): Mystery on the Mountain.

    1. Thank you @nalinki I’ve seen them in the wils since i was a toddler but i still have to stop and take photos. They’re lovely. Did you see the joeys? I love the one with just the tail and ear hanging out of the pouch!


  1. What a gorgeous spot you found to photograph. Mystery certainly works for me here! And the selective coloring is a great touch. When I first saw it, I thought “oh, that can’t be real.” And then I saw the full color version 🙂

    Im on my cell phone screen so I can’t see the joeys – can’t wait to get on my big screen to pull them up! And as for your sunsets? Simply breathtaking!!


    1. Thank you again. I’m actually getting that main photo printed on canvas for my living room wall, we all love it. I love those jacaranda trees, such an amazing colour and they’re only flowering for a month or so each year here in Brisbane.


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