Loyalty – what does that word mean? Can you see it?

To me, loyalty is easily visible between my parents. Justine gave us the definition – faithfulness to obligations or commitments. But I think it’s much more than that. Loyalty between loved ones is evident in the way they look at each other, in the words that they use, the casual touches throughout the day. It’s a beautiful thing. My parents have been together for over 44 years and they are still completely loyal to each other.

This post is for Justine’e Eclectic Corner #13 – Loyalty (Photography). This is a great event, please stop by Justine’s blog to see some other takes on loyalty or to share your own interpretation.

I took these photos during Photography101 back in November last year. I was photographing the sunset, as was my dad and when he walked across the frame to find a better spot, I liked the silhouette in the viewfinder so I asked them to pose for me. It’s such a cute photo, although mum might notΒ be amused withΒ me for posting it – LOL.

It’s my Dad’s birthday today, so I wish him a very happy birthday and dedicate this post to him. I’m off there for dinner tonight so I’d better go finish the cake!

Enjoy your evening!
x desleyjane

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38 replies on “Loyalty (Eclectic Corner #13.1)

  1. Happy Birthday to dad and many happy returns!
    Let me slice my comment:
    1. I liked it…and I know it! lol
    2. These photos are beautiful, not only because I love sunsets in any shape, color, or formats, but because your eyes compose it masterfully and edit in a dreamy way.
    3. Loyalty. Such a vital word. I cannot live without it. And both of you are right. It encompasses all definitions, but it is yours which translates the best what the heart feels.
    And lastly, congratulations to your parents for their beautiful relationship. Their long lasting love is a proof that loyalty is possible.


  2. OMG that brought tears to my eyes, really did, what an absolutely beautiful set of photos and post, that was mean’t for the word Loyalty. Happy Birthday to your father, gosh Desley that really is beautiful I hope you have this framed in the house? They must have loved seeing the one holding hands? Thank you so much for rising superbly to the challenge xxx

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  3. Gorgeous sunset, DesleyJane, and such a lovely photo of your parents. I agree–loyalty is so much more than commitment. It’s the little things about the way you treat a person that say the most.

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  4. Happy (belated) birthday to your Dad. The photos are gorgeous – it looks like the hills are on fire! It’s lovely that your talk about your parents’ loyalty! πŸ™‚

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