Lolly Cake. 17mm f/5.6 1/80s ISO400
Lolly Cake.
17mm f/5.6 1/80s ISO400

I’m not sure I’ve really addressed the brief today, but I wanted to try my hand at photographing food with a little more panache than usual. I’d like to have a go at styling and setting up a food “scene” sometime soon, but today I concentrated on the food itself, the composition and cropping to highlight the star of the show. One of my closest friends told me that I always have pink plates in my food photos, so I’ve also tried to shake that up a little πŸ˜‰

I went to a friend’s house today, there were about 10 of us getting together for a Tupperware party (LOL). She made mini pulled-pork tacos so I made a pineapple & mint salsa for her. We also had pot stickers (gyoza) and sausage rolls, as well as my favourite kiwi invention – Lolly Cake – and some other bits and pieces.

I also made my new specialty yesterday – Crab Linguini with Lemon, Chilli & Garlic – so easy to make and absolutely delicious. I might try it with prawns next time πŸ™‚

I’m happy to share any recipes, although I don’t have the Lolly Cake recipe, I’m sure I can get it for you.

(Note that I didn’t take the photos of the olive plate or the Lolly Cake today, those are from previous parties!)

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, but am also sad that it will be our last week. I will have to see what’s coming up to try out next!

x desleyjane

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25 replies on “Photo101Weekend3: Hone Your Eye?

  1. Son preciosas las fotos!
    Yo tambiΓ©n hago fotos de nuestras recetas y de los platos de restaurantes que visitamos, y no me salen tan bonitas.
    Da pena de que solo quede una semana de Photo 101.


    1. It is very yum! My favourite. It’s made with New Zealand lollies called fruit puffs which are a bit like marshmallows but harder. And the brown mixture is sugar and other goodies (I should really get the recipe) πŸ˜„


          1. Coles! I still have my Coles reusable bag I bought during my first trip to AU in 2006. Hubby accidentally threw the plastic base in the recycle bins but I forgave him and we found a replacement of sorts. πŸ˜€ I think there’s a British shop at a local mall that also sells AU stuff. Maybe they will sell NZ treats, too?? I’ll have to check.

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          1. Wow! Sounds good. I’ll see what I can find. Although this may have to wait. I was at a cookie exchange this weekend and came home with 120 cookies. They are meant to be shared at holiday events but since we don’t have any, hubby and I are chomping away. Last year (embarrassingly), we ate the entire lot in a week. Yuck!!! But they were so delish! And we were sleep deprived with a baby! And it was cold and dark and we needed the support! And, uh… well, there simply must be an explanation.


        1. It was delicious. And very easy. Warm olive oil, lemon zest, chilli flakes and garlic. Then add lemon juice. Add all of this and the crab to the cooked pasta and gently mix through. For the leftovers, I just cooked up more of the oil/lemon/chilli/garlic mixture and heated the pasta and crab in that. Yum!

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