I’ve never thought of my jewellery as trophies. I’m here to take care of it, and to love it, for we are only temporary custodians of beauty. – Elizabeth Taylor.

I treasure many things, mainly my family, my friends and my little puppy Gidget. Lesser treasures are those shown here. I am not surrounded by Elizabeth Taylor level jewellery, just my modest collection. None of them are expensive, but most are dear to my heart because they were gifts from special people.

The silver ring with green stones was a gift from my parents for my 16th birthday and the gold one with three blue stones was a gift from them for my 18th (these are featured in my header image). The rose gold bow was a cheap find online but it’s so cute, it’s my favourite ring and I wear it and the silver with green stones every day.

One thing I learnt today – clean the table and the jewellery before photographing! The closeups have highlighted a hair trapped in the flower ring but, even worse, my very dirty glass tabletop. SO, I went back out at 6:30pm, with my overhead fairy lights on and re-did the shoot. Consequently, I had to use a high ISO (1000 – 1250) and very slow shutter speed – I rested my camera on a folded tea towel to hold it steady!

x desleyjane

PS – here is my other little treasure, who was sitting under the table the entire time I was photographing these little jewels.

Treasure in the Flesh.
Treasure in the Flesh.
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31 replies on “Photo101(16): Treasures of Silver & Gold.

  1. The tea towel is a handy tip, Desleyjane. Had to laugh about the dog hair – I’m forever discovering unwanted imperfections in my photos – smear or smudge and often dog hair! But you got the results! Lovely photos.


  2. I don’t know what is lovelier, the jewelry or the way you have captured its sparkle and shine in your pictures. (I still am struggling with focus, etc., but you have mastered it, clearly.)

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    1. Aw thanks Sandi, that’s so lovely of you. I had dinner with a friend’s husband (and the friend 😉) earlier this year and he taught me so much over the pappadums and korma. I think my reflective table helps a lot!
      Thanks again x.

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  3. Lovely rings and even more lovely dog 🙂 I have two bunny rabbits and two cats, a house free of hair is just an illusion for me. My pets always try to “help” me while I do a closeup (catching, moving and hunting the object in front of me).


  4. oooh la la its all stunning but most of all your cute doggy. Brilliant photographs..what is the second down ball shaped piece of jewellery i love it but cant work out what it is? Want to see more of it lol x


    1. Thank you! Do you mean the bronze-y bottle that I’ve also done in black and white? It’s a pendant, quite heavy and am really not sure what it is. It’s intricate, with little “gems” all over it. It’s like a bottle but doesn’t open. Ooo it’s a mystery 😊

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            1. I sell, install and teach other scientists how to use liquid handling robotics in science labs. Most often in labs where they are extracting DNA from blood and then they work out the sequence of the DNA. X

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