Icy Glass.
Icy Glass.

My header image is the first thing I thought of for today’s topic. It’s from my recent holiday in Queenstown, New Zealand, which I feel like I’ve talked about constantly here :). I woke up earlier than the rest of my travelling companions each day. We were staying in a large house, right by the lake. I would get up, tidy the kitchen from the night before, and put the coffee on, then wait for the rest of them and they would trickle in one by one until we were a full kitchen, ready for breakfast. One morning, it was very cold but I wanted to take some photos of the planes coming in over the lake towards the airport. However, I spotted this icy delight frosting up the glass balcony fences. The photo is taken with my old iPhone (a little grainy) and is pointing downwards between two glass panels. The red-brown background is the fence between us and the neighbours and in front of that is a little rock garden. I was fascinated with this icy formation and am glad I preserved it because it melted away before everyone else got up!

I also wanted to take some photos specifically for today’s theme, so I set up my spot for shooting glass early this evening. I wanted to set it outside on my usual white-glass tabletop because it has given me some very rewarding photos for “Play With Light“, “Treasure” and “Natural World“. However, I wasn’t happy with the background, so I moved inside to my backup spot.

I discovered Elderflower this year, I hadn’t had it before, but my friends and I had been to a few cocktail bars around the country and we found that it was the “new thing” in cocktail ingredients. So we picked up a bottle of St Germain Elderflower liqueur for my cocktail-themed birthday party this year and tried it out. I also had Elderflower cordial in the UK earlier this year – yum. Anyway, I really like the shape of the bottle and also the shape of my cocktail glasses, so I combined them in this shoot. I also picked out one of my favourite perfume bottles and photographed that as well.

In the St Germain shots, I like the way the light is reflected through the bottle onto the wall behind and the surface to the sides. The bottle seems to have a real “waist” when viewed through the large stem of the glass. I also like the “bubble” in the stem of these groovy Krosno glasses.

I hope you like my Glassy delights. See you next time.

x desleyjane

Christmas Selfie (pink).
Glass decoration reflection.

This silly sign-off picture was taken last Christmas, before I understood how to use my camera in manual mode (eek!) so the quality is not great. I will re-take it this Christmas once the tree is up again. But I still think it’s a pretty cool photo, showing the reflections from a glass bauble. And it’s pink!

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20 replies on “Photo101(17): Glassy Delights.

  1. Desley, I struggled with this theme, and it seems it came to you easily, Good for you, and you did a great job. I like the last image the best, and of course a christmas decoration with your refection.. The ice on the pane is wonderful as well. Bravo


    1. Thank you so much. Yes it was tricky. I’m glad I made it look easy 😉. I just checked, and I took 32 pictures today to get those 4 that I shared. I started by getting a bunch of old cocktail glasses out of the cupboard but it was difficult to make them look interesting. That was 14 clicks. Once I decided on the liqueur it was easier though. How did you do in the end? I’m about to take a look through all the posts now. X


      1. I did ok. Im not thrilled with the results i ended up with but i posted so > could feel like i did my homework. Lol. I chose the light perfume bottle because i have a dark area to shoot in. I tried dark bottles but no go. I have a glass dining table and i put a flashlight on a chair beaming up thru the table. I put a sheet of printer paper over the light shining up and i used a.flashlight to throw light over, on the side until i liked it. With the bottle sitting on the beam i was hoping for a.glow. i didnt like the brite white, so i adjusted levels to give it a blue look. Added a.vignette to bring out the sides and that was it. I dont love it but i will keep trying it because it caught my interest


        1. I haven’t seen your post yet so I will go take a look. I want to experiment more with lighting so thanks, it’s useful to hear how you do it. My bottle in this post I lit with an iPhone either side LOL. I’d like to get a little more “sophisticated” with my approach someday soon. Ok I’m going to take a look!

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