Brisbane, Australia
Brisbane, Australia

Nature really is a wonderful thing. For someone who loves photography, it’s something that is always available. We can go for a wander and find something in nature that is worthy of a shot. We often find shapes and lines in nature and that was what I set out to do today.

By chance, I found this feather on my back patio. It was flitting about and caught my attention. I already had my 60mm lens on so I started to set up. The feather is about an inch long, quite small. When I looked up, Gidget (my puppy) had started eating the feather! The result is that the feather is not perfect in my photos…it’s pre-loved?

Feather out of Focus.

My first shot still had the art filters switched on and the focus is a little off but I like the effect. So I picked it up and put it on my white-glass tabletop outside and was able to get the main photo in the header. I’ve overexposed the image and turned up the contrast a little to make it really stand out against the white background.

I managed to get a couple of other shots in the garden as well:

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you like these photos.Β See you again soon.

x desleyjane

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20 replies on “Photo101(8): Natural World of Wonder.

  1. Great shots for the day! I think you are right on the money when you said that we can always find something in nature to shoot! Loved the use of the filters to make the feather look different as well. And the pictures of the flower showing light to dark is really good as well. The last picture reminds me of fall. As everything is getting ready for its long winter nap….thanks for sharing!


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