For last week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, I thought I would share with you some photos to show you some of the work I did at home over Christmas. I’m so late with this post, considering that this week’s challenge has already been released and I’ve seen some great posts for it!

Over the holiday break, I went into nesting mode. With so much travel throughout the year, I relish the holidays when I can spend time at home with family and friends and I love to do things around the house. This time, I painted the walls in my living room, including a pink feature wall and installed some pendant lights that my best friend gave me for Christmas, and I also painted my front door (which I’ve posted previously here).

For those of you who were with me for Photo101 in November, you may remember that I posted a photo of a feather that Gidget had kindly munched up for me (see the post here). The feather was about 3cm long in real life. I decided to have the photo printed on canvas and have put it up in my living room, it’s now 120cm long!  I love how my fab new pendant lights bring out the colour in the top half of my feather.

The pink feature wall wraps around on the right to go down the hallway, where I’ve scattered photos all over the hallway.

My home is a place where I have completely expressed myself, in shades of pink and lilac, with hints of turquoise and lots of white. It’s a cozy space where I love to spend time when I’m not flying around the country 😉

Many thanks to The Canvas Art Factory in Brisbane for their excellent work in printing and stretching my canvases for me, they do a fabulous job.

Ah, home sweet home.
x desleyjane

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42 replies on “Express Yourself

      1. Aw thank you for asking!
        I’m not really much clearer on the situation 😦 I’m applying for different things related to all my choices so fingers crossed something comes through soon! 🙂

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  1. This is so beautiful Desley, love your cozy home with all those amazing colors and splashes of pinks and purples. Isn’t it wonderful when you can finally put your stamp on it and say “this is ME, this is what I want”? Great style, great perception, you never know till you try right?

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    1. LOL, exactly! I spent so many years renting, not able to do anything. When I bought my home, my best friend gave me a picture-hanging pack as a housewarming present. SO liberating to be able to put what you want where you want. And well, fancy having a pink door!! X


  2. Your home is absolutely beautiful! I love the way you’ve decorated and the color patterns you chose… Thank you for giving us a look into your pretty place! 😃

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  3. That photo on your wall came out amazingly well, did you thank Gidget for making it look so different? lol. The colours you have used I am in love with, totally what I would have if i were allowed hehe. It sooo looks like how I imagine YOU…love it ❤

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