New Adventures.
New Adventures.

For the weekly photo challenge – New.

During the holidays, I did some painting around the house, including re-vamping my front door. It’s a very solid door, most likely original with the house, which I believe was built in 1980. The door is timber with a large lead-lined glass panel. A few years ago, I re-varnished the door back to the usual “timber” colour.

The door was peeling and cracked from the sun and needed some love. So, I painted it pink πŸ™‚ Β I went to the hardware store, picked out a fabulous colour (Fuchsia Flock, although I like to call it Lipstick Pink) and painted up the door. I love it, it really makes me smile.

The door represents to me a new year, a new round of adventures, a new way to live my life this year. It’s a doorway to the world, to new opportunities. It’s also a doorway into my home, where I hope to spend more time this year – less travel, more hanging out with family, friends and MissG at home.

Gidget is ready!
Gidget is ready!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and a bright and shiny New Years!

x desleyjane

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34 replies on “2015 Weekly Photo – New

  1. I like the idea of open doors for starting a new year. Something like a fresh start for anything, no matter how wild or impossible it might appear to be. Color? Any color is beautiful—its the idea behind the pigmentation. Great work. Keep them coming. The year is still young.



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