Trapped behind glass.
Desperate to enter.
The light will conquer the darkness.

With so many hours of my time spent waiting in airports and sitting on planes, I have really enjoyed flicking through my photos and playing with editing techniques.

This photo was taken kind of at random in a coffee shop in Melbourne (7Seeds, reviewed previously). I loved the light coming in the window but wasn’t thrilled with the markings on the glass. The light provided great ambience for the food photos (shown in that previous review) but I wasn’t sure about the windows.

Anyway, I don’t delete many photos and as I said, when boredom strikes, I see what I can do. πŸ˜›

I like the header image – I think it provides a mystery of what’s behind the window. It could be aliens! The photo was taken on my iPhone6 and edited in the Photos app and in Camera+. I cropped and straightened the photo to line up the edges and decreased the exposure a little – the iPhone tends to let in a little extra light when there’s lots available. I converted to mono, decreased the highlights and brought out some more detail in the brick by lightening the shadows. Here it is again:

In this next edit, I kept the colour and increased the saturation to bring out the red and gold (would you have guessed there would be red, based on the mono version??). I then decreased the brightness to darken the brick area under the window and also darken the light behind the windows. A few tweaks to the light settings in the Photos app to finish it off. I like this one too because of the contrast between the black and the colours.


As usual, I welcome your feedback and I wish you a wonderful day / evening.

x desleyjane

PS I’ve made a third edit, monochrome but brightness decreased to blacken the background.


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27 replies on “Long days, photo two ways (Rehab8)

  1. I know black and white images add a lot of drama to photographs, but most of the time I’m inclined to color. Color drives me crazy. Maybe there’s someting in the water, or the air, or the food in the Tropics that pushes us toward polychromy. You guessed it, I liked your color photograph so much more.

    There, I said it.



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