I have had this asparagus fern since I moved to Brisbane 15 years ago and my mum and dad had it at their place for many years before that. It’s fairly neglected, but seems to thrive. Every couple of years I re-pot it. I want to separate it out into a long line of plants in a long planter this Spring and make a feature of it. It’s very green in real life 😉


I’ll add this photo to Lucile’s Photo101 Photo Rehab Clinic, come and visit us! As usual, I used my OMD EM5 camera with the 60mm (120mm equivalent) macro lens, at f/14 and 1/100s (ISO200).

x desleyjane



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16 replies on “Reaching Up

    1. Well that made me check it out… It is commonly called asparagus fern or foxtail fern but, wouldn’t you know it, it’s not a fern! A different but related species. And no relation to the yummy asparagus 😜

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  1. Cool photo, Desley. Almost looks like a mirrored image! I have the blackest thumb and the only plant I was able to keep alive (when I had plants) was a philodendron. Couldnt kill it if I tried! Your fern looks like it’s much prettier though, even in black and white 🙂

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