I have posted a number of photos from my garden recently:


Here are three more photos from my garden:

The wasps have built a nest on the fairy lights that hang across the roof of my patio. I need to spray them as they can cause quite a nasty sting.

I really love the shot of the little beetle on the flower head. I was actually taking a photo of the flower, the head is tiny, less than one centimetre in diameter. I didn’t even notice that there was a tiny fly-like bug on top of it until this slightly larger beetle came running up the stem to claim his place as victor of the flower. These things are so small, I am fascinated with macro photography (as you may have guessed).

Finally, the other image is just a fly on a leaf, simple but it seems beautiful to me in its simplicity. The fly again is less than one centimetre long!

Again, these photos are going into my dearest Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic, a great place for photographers and enthusiasts!

x desleyjane




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19 replies on “Tiny Little Curiosities

  1. Isn’t it amazing the things (creatures) you see when you stop for a minute and focus in on the little things. There’s a whole other world out there that us giants tend to ignore! These shots are a great reminder of the magic that can be found everywhere if we just stop and look for it 🙂 Beautiful shots!

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