You may have recently read my post about the caterpillars that have taken up residence in my lime tree. I’m quite fascinated with them and I try to check on them every day or two to make sure that the birds haven’t gobbled them up.

While I’m out in the garden, I take my camera with me and if I have time, I take a wander through the rest of the garden, seeing what takes my fancy. This particular day proved to be fantastic – I found this very cool, calm and collected grasshopper.

A few interesting things to note about this grasshopper:

  • See how he grips the grass with his front “feet”.
  • He then pulls it into his mouth to munch on it.
  • He’s not eating my actual garden plant!
  • He’s eating the weed in the garden – it’s nut grass.
  • In the last photo, I had moved around to the opposite side so that I was actually in the garden bed and he stopped chewing long enough to watch me.
  • See! He’s holding the grass away from his face and has turned his head to look at me!!!
  • This gave me goose bumps, it was quite creepy so realise that he was totally aware of me but not concerned enough to move away –Β he must really love that grass!

These photos are for Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic – come visit!

x desleyjane

Posted by:desleyjane

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28 replies on “Grasshopper, Munching

  1. Good morning DJ! Welcome to the old continent!!
    Besides these photos being stunning, your commentary is the icing on the cake.
    Next time he or she will have a lawyer waiting for you. One candid shot is ok, but more than that, you need to pay the fees to his agent. Lol
    Have a good day!!

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    1. LOL. He’s very elusive now, I think he realizes I’m the paparazzi!
      Thank you for your warm welcome. It’s beautiful here, heavy fog this morning. I’m hoping to get a few minutes to photograph it before work. Xx


  2. Holy Macro! This is absolutely awesome!!
    You totally captured the grasshopper is its domain… And Ohhhh, creepy indeed that it noticed you!! Argh!
    Very cool!

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