There’s a constant drone in an airplane.

If you remove your headphones, you can listen to it.

But inevitably you will stop hearing it.

Until there’s a change in the frequency, the timbre of the sound.

Then there’s that feeling in your tummy. Why did the sound change?

You steal a few furtive glances at the other passengers nearby. Did anybody else notice?

You look out the window.

Into darkness.

Nothing else changes.

Nobody seems to notice. All staring at screens or trying to sleep.

Back to normal. As normal as possible at 35,000 feet.

You sit back.

Listen to that constant drone.

It becomes comforting.

Imagine if it disappeared. 

Ok I don’t really know where that came from. I watched a movie (Taken 3) and then started another one (Foxcatcher) but then I became incredibly tired and tried to nap. Couldn’t nap. So out came the iPhone and this is the result.

This post is for Justine’s Ecelctic Corner #11 – Momentarily. Last week, we shared a photo for momentarily. This week we share a written piece. Next week will be a quotation.

I have also been nominated by Pommepal at Gypsy Life to post 5 photos over 5 days, with accompanying stories/musings/notes and also nominations for others to join the event.

This is day 2. 

I’ve participated in this event a few times before and I quite enjoy coming up with something new each day and I really like trying to write something new as well. I haven’t managed to write something today, as I am travelling and don’t have a lot of time, but I will over the next 4 posts for this event.

Given that I’ve done this before and nominated a number of people before, I would like to just open the nominatinos to anyone who would like to join the event. It’s fun and challenging to find something each day. It can be useful to pick a theme for your 5 photos (eg black&white or portraits or architecture, etc). If you feel inclined, please join in.

x desleyjane

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34 replies on “Momentarily Terrified

  1. I like the way you’ve written this piece. I feel the breathing stop and the ears alert in an attempt to ascertain whether a momentary uncertainty should escalate to terror. I’ve been there once or twice myself.

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  2. That is positively scary. I never loved flying, but since the Alps incident, I’m actually afraid of it… On a happier note, air transport is supposed to be the safest way to travel. So many happy returns!

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  3. I actually read this post after I stepped off a plane and it’s totally relatable! This sound is exactly what I listen for whenever I’m on a plane – whether it’s loud all of a sudden or really quiet and ‘constant’. I always wonder why others aren’t looking around (freaked out) like I am! Ever since watching Final Destination (lame, I know) I have been so scared of flying so this is like something from out of my head. Great post! 🙂

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  4. Omg I just spotted this it didn’t come up on my reader as a ping back so apologies or would have caught you earlier and…

    Omg…you know I hate flying right? That is how I feel almost constantly on a plane. That totally sent a shiver down my spine and put me off again lmao!!!

    Very well written and thank you for joining in 😍😍

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  5. Great piece and lovely picture. I come from a family of pilots, air traffic controllers, and general flying enthusiasts so I’ve never feared flying…but I think we all have those moments of, perhaps, irrational fear. They can happen anywhere.

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    1. Thanks Britta. Yes I’ve been flying for my job for about 11 years now so it’s become second nature. But there’s definitely that occasional moment. We had a very turbulent trip home last night. But I just rolled with it 😉


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