Why doesn’t anyone notice me?
I’ve been hanging around here for six years!
Nobody even sees me. I am invisible?
Does anyone even care?
Just wait…
My time will come.
I will show them.
They’ll regret just passing me by.
I can feel my time is coming.



She considered the cowboy hanging on the wall and wondered. Where did he come from? Who was his human? Why was he discarded?
She thought he was sweet, in his vintage and yellowing form. He was smiling and happy and she imagined him having a good life with a playful human.
She imagined him riding plastic horses and leading them to imaginary waterholes.
She saw him going home every evening to a beautiful cowgirl, having dinner together and cuddling on the couch.

Suddenly… she envied his life.

I am addicted to writing silly notes when flying. I’m sure you know by now that I fly a lot. I usually start watching a film or a TV show and then I’m drawn to pick up my iPhone and start writing. Most often, I use the Notes App but I’m trying to remember to use Evernote instead – I have a notebook there where I try to keep all of my ideas and notes for my blog.

This post is my last one for the 5 photos 5 stories event. I was nominated by Pauline at Gypsy Life to participate and it’s been fun. If you’d like to join in, just post 5 photos over 5 days with some accompanying writing and nominate someone each day to join the event.

You can see my previous entries here:

I’m also submitting this photo to Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic. I was with Lucile in a cafe in Amsterdam when I took this photo over her shoulder. The cafe was so cute – filled with vintage items, even hanging from the ceilings. I really miss Amsterdam.

x desleyjane

Posted by:desleyjane

photographer, blogger, planner, scientist, dog lover, frequent flyer, daughter, sister, BFF, human

22 replies on “Hang Out

  1. And yet again you surprise me! So cute.
    Love the happy end for this vintage cowboy’s story. It’s soooo Amsterdam!
    If you had stayed one week here and visited that area everyday, this blog would have stories for a book. Time to come back, my dear! And we miss you too! Including the cowboy…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure, as always. πŸ™‚
        My mom loves antique trinkets and things, particularly anything mid-century modern–most of them from a local antique store in the town my grandparents live in. It adds character to their house, certainly.

        Liked by 1 person

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