A Mother's Love.
A Mother’s Love.

I was wondering through the markets at Wala in the South Pacific, taking in the sights and sounds of the tiny island when I spotted this beautiful mother and baby. It was a very quick single snap and I’m so glad it turned out. To me, it’s such a heartwarming scene. She looks so happy and she clearly loves him.

For the Weekly Photo Challenge – Enveloped.

For the 5 Photos 5 Stories Event – nominated by Pauline at Gypsy Life. If you would like to join this event, it’s simple. Publish 5 photos over 5 days and include a story or note to accompany each photo. Then nominate someone else to join the event. I’ve done this event quite a few times, so I’m nominating YOU – if you would like to join in, please do, it’s good fun 🙂

x desleyjane

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36 replies on “Enveloped in Mother’s Love (WPC)

  1. What a beautiful shot! You captured the love between mother and child… I also like how she’s looking off into the distance and smiling…what or who is making her smile?.. Very intriguing! Love it… You should write a short story about them: )

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