My family visited me today. Dad mowed the lawn while mum and I trimmed the hedge on the driveway and did some tidying in the garden. I made this cake this morning for us to have for afternoon tea and thought that it would make a nice addition to Justine’s Tea Party.

It’s a Strawberries and Cream Cake courtesy of Betty Crocker – yes, gasp, it’s a packet mix cake!! I hope that’s acceptable at Tea Time Justine!! Anyway, it was delicious. The recipe says to add eggs, milk and melted butter to the dry mix, beat and bake for almost an hour. The packet also comes with the ready-made vanilla frosting.

To make it my own, I topped it off with strawberries in syrup and shredded coconut. My favourite thing about this cake is that it’s pink! And it smells amazing. The packet mix actually smelled a little like jelly crystals when I opened it up. Yummy!!!

Here are some photos:

The cake was a hit, everyone loved it. My Mum and my brother had an extra slice each! As usual, my Mama brought some little yummies as well, which we had for morning tea. It was quite a cake-y kind of day!

It might just be time for a coffee and another slice of cake. Happy Sunday everyone!!

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43 replies on “Strawberries and Cream Cake (TeaTime#11)

  1. Oh my oh my oh my this cake is fit for a Princess and it’s pink!!!!!! I love it!! It sounds like you had a fab day and I am drooling now, this entry has notched up the bar on Tea Time entries for sure 😀 nom nom xxxx

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  2. I agree with Lucile…I could never take such gorgeous pictures of food if I tried. Looks so nummy, DJ. Also, boy doing want to try some of your mum’s famous chocolate slice. Looks divine. 🙂

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  3. Im sitting here, its morning tea time and nothing… I look around and nothing…. Your cake looks absolutely divine Desley 🙂 All I can think about now is cake …..

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    1. Mmmnnnn cake. I never have cake. Mum always does all the work. So I thought, why don’t I make a cake? And bonus – I get to take photos of it!! Thanks Kaz…. Now go and find cake!!

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