I took this photo for Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab clinic. I was shooting the sunset over Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. It was pretty quiet, just a few people watching the sunset. Just as the light was fading, a busload of senior citizens arrived and they all came over to check out the sunset. They were lovely, with their cameras, phones and iPads, capturing images of the gorgeous sunset.

This gentleman was really cute, he was videotaping the scene and describing it as he went. I wondered if he was recording the words for himself or if he had left a friend or spouse at home and was recording it for them. A helicopter went overhead during his recital and he followed it with his video camera, words forgotten.

x desleyjane

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28 replies on “Senior Video Blogger

  1. How cute indeed! Sometimes it’s nice to wonder what’s going on – why he’s filming, who he’s talking for, will he ever watch it back?? I like all the ‘wondering whys’ when people watching.

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        1. Thanks Norah, I just read Geoff’s post. Lovely. What a great nostalgic trip through his gardening experiences. Of course my imagination puts the subject of my photo straight into his story!

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              1. Wierd, I’m on my dashboard, and don’t have a spot on the bottom right hand corner that asks for help with a HE. Anyway no worries, I’ll figure this out if it kills me 🙂

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