When I go to Sydney, I usually catch the last flight home. Mostly because it’s quite a cheap flight and saves the company some money and I also want to stick with my preferred airline. It works out nicely that Sydney city is on my way to the airport so I can stop off and get some shots of the beautiful Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Last week, I had one such evening. I went back to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and captured sunset over the bridge and opera house.

I’ll post another day with some more shots taken later in the evening, at a different location.

I’m adding these to Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic – a safe haven for all photoaholics.

x desleyjane



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37 replies on “Sunset in Sydney

      1. Yes thanks, it was good! I love visiting the big smoke, all those people, the action and movement. I did think everyone was a bit drab and grim though in their black clothing and serious faces. They needed to take a look at your sunset pics and lighten up a bit!

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      1. Sorry to crash your post with my problem… I can’t seem to find your email addy that you sent me. Basically, I just wanted to know why and how WP chooses photos. When I create a gallery of photos that I want to post, it uses those pictures to appear on The REader… Yet, I chose a featured image, and it does not appear that way. Kind of annoying, as I once posted on Israeli couscous, but I made up a gallery of salmon that I paired with the Israeli couscous. On the Reader, it showed the salmon, but the title was “Israeli couscous with roasted vegetables” :). Any idea how I would overcome that?


        1. Hi Loretta – I took a look at your site and your Suits theme. It says that your theme “takes your Featured Images and puts it in pride of place at the start of your post.” So that means that it puts it first within the post. I checked your post and it was there. But yes, in the reader it doesn’t show it. I’ve noticed that with some themes, the Reader puts a little gallery of images in the preview.

          I contacted a WordPress Happiness Engineer and he says “Ok, it looks like the reader is trying to pick the first image in the actual post content, which obviously isn’t perfect here. More info on how the reader works is here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/reader/
          I will talk to the development team for the reader and suggest that they should use the featured image if one is set as the primary image that gets displayed.”
          Very nice of him to help. His name was Peter Westwood (for your reference) 🙂

          that there seems to be a problem with some themes and he will talk with software guys to fix it.


          1. Gosh thanks so much Desley, I didn’t expect you to go through all that trouble for me. I truly appreciate your efforts. Yes, true, on the post itself the featured image is up there, but The Reader does not show it that way, it shows the gallery of images. That’s all well and good, till I have a title that reads Israeli couscous with roasted vegetables, and the Reader shows a pic of salmon which was in the gallery of pics I put together :). How does one get in touch with the WP Happiness Engineer. Thanks for the link too, I was having trouble with adding non-WP blogs on my Reader, and now I know how it works. You’re a gem Desley, thanks a ton!

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            1. My absolute pleasure, it was no trouble at all. If you spend some time in your dashboard, a little window will pop up in the bottom right hand corner, asking if you need help and you can have a chat with one of the Happiness Engineers. I often ask a quick question if I can’t figure something out. Hopefully, they’ll work yours out soon 😀

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                1. It seems to be certain times of the day that they’re more “available”. Whatever time I wrote the comment, that’s pretty normal for them. Glad to have helped 😀


    1. Ack! No frostbite for this one LOL. Thank you. I used to 60mm for that silhouette then changed back to the 17mm because I wanted to catch the end but part of me wishes I’d kept it on a bit longer. X


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