This prompt came out while I was in Sydney, so how could I resist the stunning and statuesque curves of the Sydney Harbour Bridge? It seems to appear out of nowhere when you’re driving through the city. You catch glimpses of it all the time. I’m always excited to drive over it, as usually I have to take the tunnel underneath instead. This time, I had a local to help me find some great spots for shots.


And what about the multitude of curves gracing the magnificent Sydney Opera House? A landmark regularly destroyed in disaster films, this is such a striking building. The shot on the left below shows the bridge above the opera house.

For The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve.

x desleyjane


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20 replies on “Curves Of Sydney

  1. I remember first seeing photos of the Sydney Opera House–it positively took my breath away. I had never seen a building like that before. So cool that you are there and get to see it often!

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  2. Love the ‘Coathanger’. And that first shot is my favourite – the curve of the bridge just poking through the curve of the branches of the winter tree. Looks exceptional in b&w DJ.

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