The morning sunlight filtered through the gauzy curtains, the golden glow landing on her bare skin. She was tangled in the white sheets, with an arm thrown back above her head and one foot peeking out from beneath the sheet. She looked peaceful and happy and was in that comforting, warm embrace of heavy sleep.

He watched her, from the corner of the room. Sitting in her overstuffed armchair, he was carelessly crushing the jacket that she had laid out the night before. His heavy boots had tracked dirt in a precise pattern from the open window. He remained hidden in the darkness, as if the sunlight could not penetrate the space that he occupied. He watched. And he waited.

As the rays of sunlight warmed her skin, she breathed in deeply, the sound breaking the silence of the room. On her slow and heavy exhale, her body stretched, the movement turning her so that she was facing him and the sheet fell away, exposing the long line of her thigh.

His gaze moved over her radiant skin and his eyes narrowed as the pace of his breathing increased with his excitement. His left hand clenched the armrest and he leaned forward, his fixed gaze never leaving that enticingly exposed skin. His right hand clenched the rope as he carefully stood and moved towards the bed.

I have been wanting to participate in Literary Lion hosted by Laura at I Smith Words. Laura releases the prompt on the same day as Andy’s Dark Side Thursday, which I have also participated in since he started it almost 6 weeks ago. I was always going to combine the two in one, but haven’t quite managed it. So I’ve decided to respond to each separately if I can.

This story came to me a few days ago and I jotted down a few notes so that I could finish it later. Laura’s prompt is Morning. As I wrote this, I thought it might make a good beginning to my first Dark Side Thursday Story – Ended. Maybe this could be the first story that I extend into something more substantial? I think I will see where it goes.

Thanks so much for the prompt Laura!

Now the photo. I wanted a photo of legs wrapped in sheets but I am traveling and left my camera at home for the first time in forever. And besides, I can’t take photos of my own legs wrapped in sheets without falling off the bed. And it’s not really well-regarded to knock on doors in my hotel to ask if I can photograph their legs. So, who do I call? My very helpful and talented friends in Amsterdam – our lovely Lucile. Thank you so much Lucile for providing the fabulous photo for my story. I owe you one 😉

x desleyjane

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23 replies on “Beginning

  1. Such great description, I could picture it all so vividly. So creepy too, it made me shiver as you mentioned him watching her. It definitely fits in as a nice prequel to your other story, but I think they both are powerful in their own right too.

    I love the idea of you trying to take the photo, and knocking on hotel doors to ask someone, I think you made the right decision in avoiding that. Perhaps you need a selfie stick…?!

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  2. I know I am repeating myself, but I cannot help because it is the truth. YOU ARE BRILLIANT!
    Keep writing this. treat it really as the first of many to come.

    PS: This humble, minus 5 starts, 24×7, amateur, photographic services, is at your disposal to cover all needs of a globetrotter Frequent Flying Scientist.

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    1. LOL thanks lovely, that’s so fresh. I have an idea for the next one, so we’ll see what happens. I’m on a plane tomorrow so there’s bound to be something dark….
      Live your photographic services – above and beyond the call of duty!! Please thank your very able-bodied assistant. X


  3. Whaaaattt! Yet again, your words thrill and excite and mesmerize! This is incredible….AND the fact that our amazing Lucile took this fabulous photo for your fabulous story makes this a perfect post!

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  4. Great description of her sleeping but how creepy and awful the man waiting to strangle her. I wish I could tell her to run but it’s already to late for her.

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