Lucile's Flower-1

I have recently posted a number of photos with white negative space, I really enjoy that type of photography.

However lately, I’ve wanted to experiment with dark negative space instead. I plan to do some shooting in the next week or so, but in the meantime I did a little editing in Lightroom on an image that I really loved.

I took this photo with my Olympus OMD with the 45mm lens (f/1.8 1/80s, ISO 200) in very low light, handheld. The flower was in a vase on a bench that has light coming out of the bench surface, like a muted lightbox (I need to get one of these!). It gave a lovely glow to the undersides of the flowers.

In Lightroom I’ve boosted contrast and clarity, while darkening blacks and shadows, then tweaking the highlights and whites to highlight that glow. For more hints on this type of editing, please take a look at #imagereboot in the Reader – or click here.

I’m sending this photo to Lucile’s Photo Rehab Clinic – Lucile, I wonder if you recognise the flower in this shot?

x desleyjane

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