Don’t waste your time, or time will waste you. – Muse, lyrics to Knights of Cydonia.

This Weekly Photo Challenge asks us for our Muse – what subjects keeps inspiring us in photography?

For me, I don’t think it’s a particular subject, but more a technique. I love macro and close-up photography, and I love singling out a particular subject and focussing on it’s own individual beauty.

For the gallery, I’ve chosen such images, most have been posted before, but I took new photos today (the last 5 images). Below the gallery, I’ve left some information about the shooting process.

My Olympus OMD EM5 camera with the 17mm or 60mm macro lens is my absolute requirement. The 60mm is the obvious choice, but the 17mm is also very good for close-up shots.

I also like to use a white space – I have three of these. First is my white glass tabletop outside – it provides a fantastically reflective surface and is great because there’s a lot of available light outside. However, with tall subjects, the background can be distracting. Secondly, I have a tall white cabinet in my living room, up against the wall and the wall is white with a very slight mauve tint. This is the most common space that I use. Lastly, I have a large coffee table which matches the cabinet. The cabinet and coffee table have shiny surfaces as well, but the surface is a faux crocodile skin pattern, which looks a bit like jumble floor tiles in macro. In the captions of each photo, I’ve mentioned which surface I used.

Finally, I use Lightroom to edit the photos to make sure the subject stands out – you can find some information about how I do this here at ImageReboot.

These images seem like they belong in Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic, so I’m sending them there.

Have a lovely weekend!
x desleyjane

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78 replies on “Muse / Space / Technique

  1. I’m always delighted by your photos, by , and by your technical revelations. This time, add in your fascination with small things. Thank you.

    (As a total aside, where’s the best sushi place in the heart of Brisbane?? My grandkids are sushi tragics – or at least they were last time I saw them. I have a slight fear of being told “Sushi is so yesterday”!)

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  2. There is something about the plant on that windowsill, DJ. It makes me drool a little bit (forgive me if that was too much information, just being honest here). 🙂
    Such lovely work, as usual. I so love your macro photography. It is simply stunning.

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  3. Great images – I always love the way you group them together in galleries. I haven’t yet managed to persuade Sela to display galleries as well as my old theme Edin did – it’s much less creative and if I hit upon anything half-decent I have to stick with that.

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  4. I love the fact that you mentioned that macro is your muse! That’s a creative way of choosing your muse…indeed, your photos often reflect your love of macro and you do it so well!
    Your gallery is great…I enjoyed seeing the past photos as well as the new ones…The measuring tape is lovely and the ring photos too! In fact, all are great!
    Have a nice start to your Sunday!

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      1. I am totally in love with this close up of the purple crayon! We are organizing a little playroom in our tiny house by the beach, and I am thinking of having it enlarged on the wall. With all due credits of course!

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  5. I love that coffee table “tiles” look. I’m not really doing any macro photography at all, but I ‘m thinking about making a small set-up somewhere in my living room for product shots and such things.

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