For PerelinColors Tech of the Month in Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic – make use of negative space. I am in love with negative space, have so many photos which I consider to be quite minimal and “full” of empty space. Here is one that I took a couple of weeks ago.

High Key Silhouette

I just wanted to catch this little bird in silhouette on a dreary stormy afternoon in Brisbane.

You can see some of my favourite “white space” shots in a previous post here but the collage below gives you a sneak peek:


x desleyjane

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              1. Yup! The hardest thing I have gone through. But that might just be me! Buying not so hot either, we’ve been in the process for 5 months now – should have been straightforward, 6 weeks max. but then we hit a hitch -now dealt with – but nothing since. Our solicitor is waiting for a contract from his solicitor so we can finalise things. I have even started packing! I so hope he doesn’t pull out at this point, but it happened to us before. I do hope it goes much better for you 🙂

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