badge3Don’t forget the hashtag!     #PhotoRehabCoverMakeover

Lucile and I have decided we should makeover a CD cover this week, that’s exciting! Something different, and it’s cool album.

It’s Simply Red’s album – Simplified.

iuGiven the name of the album, I wanted to do something quite simple and understated and to keep the image quite distraction-free. Black and White seemed right for that. And of course, given the name of the band, I had to include some red 🙂

Finally, being a CD cover, it needed to be square.

IMG_5267Not sure if my little red headphones are required, but I thought they were cute 🙂

I took the photo with my Olympus OMD EM5 camera with the 60mm macro lens. I was lying on my tummy in the hallway. The guitar is actually my pink ukulele and it is super cute, so I’m glad it looks quite grown up in this image.

Once I edited to a square crop and converted to a quite high-contrast black and white image, I opened it in the Typic app on my iPhone. There, I added the text and the headphones. Lastly, I opened it in the PicFrame app to ad the thick black frame.

I hope you like it. Make sure to check Lucile’s post for all the instructions. Looking forward to seeing your contributions!

x desleyjane

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16 replies on “PhotoRehabCoverMakeover 5

  1. Great work! I love that your “pink” ukulele gets to be all grown up – I didn’t know that you could get a pink ukulele s I am now doubly impressed with your effort. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much x
      Confession time. I had planned to learn it and I still plan to. But I discovered that GG is afraid of the sound. It’s quite hilarious actually. She starts barking at it. Now if only I can turn those barks into sweeter notes……


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