Two of my dear friends sent me this ukulele for Christmas last year. I remember the day it arrived, I wasn’t feeling great and it arrived by courier. I figured out what it was from the shape of the package but still, when I unwrapped it and saw this gorgeous pink ukulele, I remember laughing out loud.

We recently had an album cover for our PhotoRehabCoverMakeover (Simply Red’s Simplified) and I was so excited to use my ukulele for that shoot. I did the cover in black and white, here it is, in case you missed it:



But I wanted to show you how pretty this pink ukulele really is, as well as some shots that didn’t make the cover:

x desleyjane

PS Little Miss Gidget hates it – whether it’s the sound in general, or if it’s a comment on my playing skills, we are yet to find out!


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21 replies on “Ukulele

  1. I was happy to finally se it. Now I am fantasizing about you playing in our band with this pink ukulele, Andy will be singing, Barbara is playing the clarinet and I play the saxophone. All are pink. How cool is that?
    Let’s get Cardinal to join the band. He is a musician.
    But let’s take some tutorials and learn something first!

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  2. I’ll second the youtube clip of you and Miss G, certainly would go viral. I have a Uke too but after trying to play I found it way to hard on the fingertips. Then the son said you will really have to cut your nails really short if you want to play… It now hangs on the wall as a decoration… Good idea to photograph it though, there may be a challenge come up I can work it into…


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