I had grand plans of finding cool things to photograph beneath my feet for this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge but time is slipping away as I’m travelling a lot at the moment. 

So when my best friend took me for pedicures, shopping, dinner, cocktails and a movie on Saturday night for my birthday present, how could we resist crazily throwing our feet in the air and getting some shots right by my favoured Brisbane Wheel??

Thanks Moana for a fabulous day, and for always being silly with me when silliness is required πŸ˜‹ (yes that’s Moana’s foot, I really couldn’t get mine up there and take the shot all while giggling like an idiot)

x desleyjane 

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60 replies on “Beneath Our Feet

    1. Thanks, yep it was lots of fun. Actually, I have a new restaurant for you – Harajuku Gyoza at South Bank. Yum!! Little morsels πŸ˜‰ of goodness, it’s fabulous!


  1. I cannot believe you posted this photo…how dodgey is my leg but I had pretty toes….xxx amusing on so many levels..you forgot to tell people I was lying upside down to take this shot :-&

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  2. Happy Birthday in arrears Desleyjane. I kept looking for a mail that you spoke about your birthday but didn’t find any (just a mention by Lucile). More great years ahead. Hugs.
    Lovely feet pix. I thought of using my feet too but I need to be pampered there before I can decide to take a pix of it.

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  3. Nice feet jewelry. Desley, I deleted the post that you commented on cause I made a mistake by pressing publish. I was supposed to schedule it, but my multi-tasking at work resulted in a disaster. I hope you will forgive me and come back tomorrow when it is published for real πŸ™‚

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