A very quick and silly post for The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Connected.

I think the only thing keeping this young lady connected to the floor are these fabulously crazy shoes! These shoes have no heel, no spike, no leg at the back. She is balancing her weight on the rest of the shoe. Spectacular! Some of us have some very different talents LOL.


Last November, for Photography 101, one of the prompts was Connected – you can see my social media version for this photo here. While we’re on social media, I discuss here whether I might be addicted.

x desleyjane

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25 replies on “Quick Connect

  1. I went to the Pain and Pleasure exhibition at the V&A recently and they had these type of shoes apparently they put some kind of weight and extra support when making them but I still wonder how people manage to stand in them. This is an amazing shot where and how did you take it? Lol x

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      1. Wow amazing would love to have seen that. You know I wasn’t allowed to take pics in the shoe exhibition a real bummer. But I also went to ‘what is luxury’ a free exhibition and got a couple of phone pics as was allowed there 😀

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  2. Great and fund choice for the challenge!
    I had a big laugh here. I am going to send a photo (inbox) of sandals that I once bought in Barcelona, which are perhaps like these. I still have them and they are amazingly comfortable to walk in.

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