I was wandering around my backyard one afternoon when I spotted this hibiscus flower. I don’t know where there is a hibiscus plant nearby, I certainly don’t have one, but there it was, already cut and waiting to be photographed. I took it to my glass top table to get some shots. 

I’ve had an enormous amount of fun doing some extreme edits here as well as the “normal” editing that I always do to the photos. I also had to play with some dramatic black and white edits.

For these shots, I used my Olympus OMD EM5 with the 60mm macro (120mm equivalent). I have come to realise that I will miss my glass table when I leave here, so I will have to make sure my new table has a similar top. Of course, a still life shoot would not be the same without GG getting involved. It was a very windy afternoon and I turned my back for a few seconds and this is what happened:

GG steals the show
GG steals the show
I hope you’re having a fun week. I’m adding these shots to Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic.

Last minute addition!!

I had a play in the Pixlr app on my phone and couldn’t resist creating these:   

  x desleyjane

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35 replies on “Hi Biscus! How are ya?

  1. Really love these shots the colours, the vibrancy, the title – all great stuff! My fun week is being back at work and getting back into the ‘real world’ after an amazing 2 weeks off – but I’m not complaining!

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            1. Heheh minor buzzing is a good thing. Yes I get 24 hours notice that someone wants to come through outside of the scheduled open home that’s every Saturday. Gidget has come to expect a Saturday morning drive now where we do a clean up and vacuum then pile into the car while people look through my house. Then when we come home, she sniffs the whole house to see who was here. She loves it. I do not. 😋 But apparently it’s how we sell houses in QLD.

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  2. you know I like your B&W stuff, but for these flowers, I like the colors. I like the fourth one, with the gray background for some reason, the starkness against gray or something, but I can enjoy the aristic nature of the ones with reflections

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    1. Thank you Badfish 😄 I really like that one as well. I shot from slightly higher so the background is my white glass top table in shade. It’s a much prettier flower in macro 😊


  3. I think the idea of the glass top table is marvellous, I have one outside too and never thought of using it. Will have to give it a wash first… I loved the way the BnW shots brought out the reflections. Lovely gallery DJ and loved how little GG checked it all out…


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