I posted photographs of a random hibiscus flower last week. It fell off the table and was investigated by Gidget and then I promptly forgot about the physical flower while I spent my time editing the photos. Today (almost a week later), I happened to find it under my outdoor dining table, so I picked it up and set it aside for photographing it later. This is the result.

In real life, the aged flower is not quite this vibrant – I’ve increased the contrast and clarity and also pulled detail from the shadows and this has brightened it up and made it beautiful again. I was so happy with the result that I thought I’d share it with you. Here’s the complete flower:

Hibiscus_Passed_2Let’s send it off to Lucile’s Photo101Rehab.
x desleyjane

PS sorry for the title of this post 😉

PPS Oh and I found the tree that I came from. It’s a few houses away, a few fronds waving in the breeze high up in the air…

Posted by:desleyjane

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49 replies on “Bye Biscus. I’ll miss ya!

      1. yeah, it’s not only one of my favorites of yours, it’s something you could make a greeting card out of ….and it would sell. you’re putting a bunch of time into this, and it shows. you’re making me want to quit work, and buy a better camera…move to OZ, buy a pink house, and let you work on my post edits

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        1. This comment means the world to me. Thank you so much. I happen to have that pink house available should you wish to pack up your things and your little buddy and make tracks. 😉😉


        2. I think you should move over there. Buy her gorgeous pink house and bring your hermit crab. And hire her too. And I’m not saying that because you would finally stop complaining about Amsterdam and my bridge…in fact there is a beautiful bridge waiting for you in Brisbane! @desleyjane You have a buyer!

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              1. I get a BRIDGE!!! But wait. How did we go from getting a discount all the way to needing to pay more??? Whose side are two on?
                And…soo what is this irresistible plan for Lucile? And plan for what?

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