I posted some macro shots of a bee that I found recently. I went back to take another look at the photos and went through the ones that I had not yet edited and decided to crop in and take a look at the detail that I was able to capture. I think he’s actually gripping that thing (a chip of paint??) with his little mandibles. Even in death, he won’t let go. I’ve tried to pull it out, I won’t lie 😉

I’m fascinated with macro photography. Absolutely love it.
x desleyjane


Posted by:desleyjane

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27 replies on “Bee Detailed.

  1. Your photos are gorgeous as always, but yahhh I never saw these…..so cool! See bees have hair legs like us…lol! An that paint chip thing is hilarious, I had no idea they used those like fingers. Maybe that’s what killed him….he has lead paint poisoning…lol okay maybe not a funny joke but it’s feasible! Luv the shots girly!

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