Many of you know that one of my favourite things is macro photography and I’m interested lately in practicing product photography. I love isolating a subject, as I’ve done before, here:

I’ve stuck with predominantly white backgrounds but one of things I want to start investigating is other backgrounds.

Separate to this, I’ve been addicted to watching YouTube lately and quite enjoy watching VLOG-style videos, featuring peoples’ “February Favourites”, “Fashion Hauls”, “Home Hauls” etc. It is the ultimate list-making extravaganza.

So, I thought I would combine the two ideas and photograph some of my favourite things. Please join me if you have a favourite thing to share!

This week, it’s my new backpack. Most of you know that I’ve had some problems with my back and these are problems that I’ve had for years, resulting from many hours in the air, sitting awkwardly in those super comfortable airplane seats 😉


For so many years, I was searching for the perfect way to carry my laptop. We carry so much with us when we travel for work – computers, headphones, wallets, keys, phones, notepads and many other “essentials”.

I’ve tried crossbody, messenger-style bags (quite a few of them) and while they’re roomy and do tend to distribute the weight a little better than a shoulder bag, I always found that my back ached afterwards, from the strap pulling my shoulder down and my posture being twisted.

I also tried a rolling case, and while this is a great idea, they are usually very large and I find that you tend to fill what space you have. Undeniably, they’re great for travelling, but when walking from appointment to appointment, or when travelling to work by tram, a suitcase becomes bulky and cumbersome – not to mention having to carry such a heavy case up and down steps.

For the last few years, I ended up just using a large handbag – one that is carried on the shoulder. It was by no means ideal and still caused my back to ache.

I knew that I needed a backpack, but I couldn’t find one that I liked – silly I know, I should have just got one and moved on, but I knew that I wanted someting specific.

A few weeks ago (ironically coming out of a physiotherapy appointment) I popped into a store which stocked all sorts of items, from notepads, to jewellery, to bags and gifts. I came across this backpack and fell in love with it. It’s made of thick felt, it’s sturdy and structured, without being bulky. It has solid closures, a laptop compartment, spots for my phones and two zippered compartments as well.

I photographed it on my terrace. The day was overcast, but the light was still bright with strong glare. I wanted to keep the background minimal so as to showcase the detail in the bag.

The only thing missing in this backpack is a place for my bulky keys. They just swim about in the bottom of the bag and I have to dig around and fish them out – but I think I may be able to remedy this by attaching a pouch to the zipper inside.

The brand is called Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger, which I think is a brilliant name – they are based in Los Angeles and make a variety of very cool bags for people on the go.

Do you have to carry a pile of stuff around with you? How do you cope?

x desleyjane


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25 replies on “Favourite Things – Backpack

  1. Looks like an interesting series, and a pleasant photographic challenge. I hope the bag meets your requirements exactly and suits your back. I like the b&w shot and the details (that’s about everything!) How do you wear it? My key lives on a clip inside my backpack – or on an old-lady lanyard round my neck.

    For me at the moment my favourite things are my new mini iPad and my swimmers. No time to do a product shoot.

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    1. Thanks, the bag has been great so far, really light to carry even though I’ve got a bunch of stuff in it. I wear it with both straps so that it’s completely on my back and both hands are free. Yeah I’ll need to figure out if the keys can clip somewhere inside.
      Oooh mini iPad, very nice. I have one as well. Lots of fun. And new swimmers! Fabulous. Even better, that means you’re often at the beach!


  2. Hi dj, I really like this new blog theme. I love your backpack especially the colorful zippers. My new favorite thing is my phone. I traded in my LG G3 for an iPhone 6S Plus. It’s my first iPhone. I love it!

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  3. An interesting new theme here DJ. Quite unusual. And I always love looking at your macros. As for bags, I have used many different types, the problem with rucksacks is getting the straps correct so the weight is distributed correctly and not hanging off the shoulders. I have a proper laptop bag that seems to work best, but I use a rucksack for flying as I can get more in it. I wonder how robust your felt one will be? It looks great, but will it wear well? Only time will tell I guess. And I am another one who loves the zip shot 🙂

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    1. Thanks Jude, I thought it was time for a change. I missed having the “feature image”. I wondered about the robustness as well but it’s really thick and the straps and buckles and stitching are all very solid. You’re right – only time will tell 😊😊

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    1. It’s really comfy to wear, thank goodness. The straps are wide and sturdy. I get compliments on the bag all the time. Yeah I’ll try to find a clip, maybe something for the zip…. Or a pouch….

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  4. I’ve tried a million items, too. For school I carry my course stuff and my laptop in my wheeled case. No stair climbing. I finally found a backpack from costco with a million pockets that I take when I fly for all my electronics, water bottle, etc. Your felt bag looks very chic!

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  5. That is an awesome backpack! I have this thing for bags (I tend to want to buy one every time I go out and see something new) especially for travel since I do that relatively often too. Haven’t found the “perfect” one yet but this one of yours sounds so nice! Great pictures too, of course 😉

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    1. Thanks so much! I love it, it’s super functional and looks so nice too. I find it a bit too big if I want to go into the city after work but work is work, unfortunately I can’t change that 😉😉
      I used to buy so many bags. I’m a little more selective these days. But I’m on the lookout for a new cross body bag now for non-work outings 😄😄

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      1. But I think (even if you go out after work with it) that it is quite stylish and hip enough 😉 I’m still working on being selective with my bags! Good luck finding your next cross-body bag hehe

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