I have started photographing some of my favourite things in an effort to practice macro photography and also to experiment with new backgrounds and staging. Last week was my new backpack.

This is my favourite perfume at the moment. It’s Costume International‘s Scent Intense. It is a dark and full fragrance, which I’ve just learned is based on Amber. It feels warm and decadent and I wear it almost every day.

When photographing this fragrance, I wanted to do something to suggest its sumptuousness and I thought this gorgeous, soft, luxurious blanket was the perfect background (actually the blanket is also one of my favourite things). The first shot has been converted to black and white, the second is the natural colour.

What is your favourite perfume or fragrance?

x desleyjane

Posted by:desleyjane

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21 replies on “Favourite Things – Fragrance

  1. I love the way you’re experimenting. I’m going to try to adapt your thinking as I photograph Warsaw. A waft of jasmine on a warm summer evening will do me. Or my morning alarm: the aroma of my son’s aftershave as he comes upstairs for his morning coffee.

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    1. Thanks Meg, that’s a giant compliment to say you’re going to adapt my thinking. I love the idea of your son’s aftershave being a favourite fragrance and an alarm, that’s so lovely.

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