My friend Julie Powell (Photographer and Graphic Designer) invited me to join her photography excursion at the Wilson Botanic Park in Berwick (about 40km outside the city of Melbourne, at the foot of the Dandenong mountains). It’s a beautiful park and I had a great time immersing myself in all things macro. Actually, I didn’t take my macro lens off my camera.

So I’ve decided to share the results of this trip as a series each week. I hope you enjoy them.


This one is similar to one of my header shots that I posted last year. I like the lightness of this shot and the way the plant really stands out against the blurred background.

Taken with my Olympus OMD EM5 with my 60mm (120mm equivalent) macro lens.

x desleyjane

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13 replies on “Macro Garden Series – 1

  1. I shall look and learn and you MUST link one of your macro shots to my garden challenge in April as that theme is Macro photography. Love this one – is it a salvia? Looks like one, such a rich dark purple colour.

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