I took this photo on my recent Changing Seasons shoot at Southbank Parklands in Brisbane. My friend and I were chatting and I spotted this plant waving in the breeze above the smaller plants around it. I tried my best to get it to autofocus but it didn’t want to, so I used manual focus. If only my friend took a photo of me getting this shot. I was bent over sideways, swaying about, peering through the viewfinder and trying to manually focus my 60mm macro lens on this wavering stem. It was quite a shady spot with a lot of light behind the subject in the distance, so some compensation for exposure was required.

The shot is far from perfect and there is very little of it that is actually in focus, but there is a sweetness to it that appeals to me. I love the colours and the lightness and the feeling of this being just a fleeting moment in time.

What are your thoughts on this one?

For Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic.

x desleyjane



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24 replies on “Sweetness & Light

  1. There is a lovely movement in the way this flower is bending in the breeze and I can imagine you had to do some yoga type poses to capture it! The dainty purple color is so pretty!

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  2. yeah, I’d say sweet is accurate for this shot! And “wavering” is probably the major issue. Photographing plants outside, especially at macro, is challenging at best. They always move. Even if it isn’t windy. The slightest breeze…and boom…out of focus. But the result is rather cool! Make sure she takes a photo of you next time!!!!

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    1. What a lovely comment. Thanks my dear PP. House sale is progressing. We have some interest from investors but still holding out for that perfect buyer. Thanks for thinking of me.


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