Now that I live in a small apartment on the fifth floor, I have no grass or garden area. All of my gardening will be done in pots. I previously showed some photos of a cyclamen that my friend gave me – that was my first plant here in the new place. I have also started my little cactus collection on my pink plant stand and I’ll share some shots of those sometime soon too. 

I’ve now added two terrariums to my space and I love them. This one is an open terrarium in the shape of an apple (it’s my iTerrarium 😋) – it has an opening at the front and requires watering once or twice each week. It is filled with tiny succulents and is it’s own lovely little microenvironment.

Open terrariums are better suited to succulents, as they don’t require very much water very often. Being open, it stops moisture building up so that the succulents grow properly. Also, they can be exposed to direct sunlight, since the heat that builds up can escape.

Have you ever kept a terrarium? While not strictly “in the garden”, I’m hoping Jude accepts this for her Macro in the Garden challenge. 

Also, I’ve been nominated by both Robin at Reflections for My Soul and Pauline at Gypsy Life to participate in the Seven Days of Nature challenge, where we post a nature photo each day for seven days and invite nominate someone to join the challenge each day. Robin shares my passion for flower photography and Pauline shares wonderful photos from her home on the Gold Coast near Brisbane and her travels. Please go visit their blogs, you won’t be disappointed. 

Today I’d like to nominate Deb from Deb’s World to join the challenge. Deb is a wonderful blogger who inspires me all the time. She shares her world via her iPhone, often giving us shots she takes while on her running adventures. The link above will show you some fantastic shots of Uluru in The Northern Territory.  

x desleyjane

… Seven Days of Nature (1/7)…

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60 replies on “iTerrarium

    1. Thanks PP. I guess I didn’t point out that I didn’t make it. I bought it readymade! There’s a couple here in Brunswick who make so many of them. Their little apartment is full of plants. My pleasure, thank you for the nomination 😊


    1. Thanks Dini. It’s so cute, I love it. There were so many choices at the little market where I found it. I love having some greenery around. I didn’t realize that until I didn’t have any anymore.

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    1. Oh yes my bonsai trees never made it either. I think I want to try again. I thought I might do a little bonsai class actually. I think you can “cultivate” green thumbs lol. 😂😂

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  1. These are beautiful. I love the iTerrarium 😉
    I once had a terrarium but the plants grew too big and I found it difficult to regulate the moisture so then they rotted, so I gave up. It was a fairly large bottle too! But I like the idea of your miniatures, I wonder how they will fare. And thank you for linking to the challenge (macros). I do like this theme too with the header filling half the screen. Looks most impressive 🙂

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    1. Thanks Kristyna! I purchased as is. It’s gorgeous, she did such a good job of putting it together. Moisture is the only issue, so an open one in England would be great. Especially if it can get direct sunlight on it. I have a closed one as well but I think in a cool and wet environment, it might not dry out enough.


  2. That’s a wonderful idea on bringing a little garden to a flat 🙂 I’m almost tempted to look into getting something like, even though I know that plants typically die in my care. It’s a minor miracle how I manage to keep my cat alive.

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  3. I love this idea and the fact that you’ve called it iTerrarium – very clever! I also love that you’ve nominated me and said such lovely things about my blog 🙂 I’ll try to take up the challenge. Love all your photos, you are so very clever and creative. Thanks again xx

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  4. I also live in a small apartment without any grass or a garden. I used to have a lot of plants in pots, but when I moved I just gave it up completely. There’s only one small plant in my apartment now, it’s hidden away behind some curtains and it has mastered the art of being neglected.

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  5. These are adorable! I just purchased a couple of flats of succulents, yesterday, for a project I’ve had in mind for several years. Hopefully, I’ll actually complete the project before they die.

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