I picked up two terrariums on the weekend – one open (my iTerrarium, which you can see here) and this closed terrarium.

The closed terrarium is a very groovy thing. It houses different plants from the open one – plants that like moisture, like ferns and mosses. If done properly, with the right soil conditions (note that the soil must be fertile to avoid mould growth), it can be a completely self-contained little environment. As we know, plants convert sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into sugar and oxygen, which they need to survive (this process is called photosynthesis).

It is recommended to open the terrarium once a week or so to remove excess moisture if required. Also, it may require some water occasionally, depending on where it is situated, how much light and heat it experiences.

This is another submission to Jude’s Macro in the Garden challenge. And also my 6th of Seven Days of Nature as nominated by Robin from Reflections for My Soul and Pauline from Gypsy Life.

Today, I’d like to nominate Amy Sampson from Playing With My First DSLR Camera to join in – Amy is doing a marvellous job of Project 365 with exquisite photos – perhaps your next week could be nature shots?

x desleyjane

…Seven Days of Nature (6/7)…

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14 replies on “Closed Terrarium

  1. I love this sonata in green! And the information about terrariums. They’re on a scale I’m unused to, being a woman of the bush. I’m enjoying your city gardening very much. J’s doing some apartment gardening here, but it’s not elegant. Utilitarian more.

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  2. Love the terrariums! The open one is my favourite. I don’t have the foggiest clue where I’d buy the plants for one though. Everything I find to grow is food. lol

    I’ll happily do the seven days of nature thing. It won’t be for my 365 though. I’ll make it its own thing. Not sure when I’ll start. Today is my day off, but it’s not picture taking weather. 😦

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