While at the conference last week, I had hoped to be able to get out into the grounds with my camera but it was so busy that it wasn’t possible. However, one day, they served teeny tiny cupcakes for morning tea and I just happened to have my camera in my backpack 😀

The downlights created a wonderful shine on the icing. These were all about an inch high – the cake part. Some of the toppings were enormous.

So many different varieties, flavours and colours. But I just had one. This one:

It was spectacular!

For The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge :  Dinnertime.

Shot with my Olympus OMD EM5, 60mm macro.

x desleyjane

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44 replies on “Not Really Appropriate for Dinner

  1. I used to hate conference food. Just when I decided to eat frugally, there it would be. A totally irresistible spread that made me turn away from fresh fruit and good health! At least your cakes are little, and they do look totally inviting, and they’re only little! (How many ended up becoming incorporated in D-J – or don’t I ask???) Food photography your next career?

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    1. This conference was no exception. And the food was wonderful. BUT I only had one of these tiny little cupcakes. the last one. I was so good. I like photographing food sometimes – it doesn’t move or wave about in the breeze lol.


  2. What sort of conference serves cupcakes! I’m in the wrong profession. 🙂 I’d have taken a couple in to the conference for later.

    Great shots. It’s the norm to see people taking food shots everywhere these days.

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    1. Heheheh. You know, I used to take it absolutely everywhere with my wide angle lens attached but then I stopped for a long time. But i don’t like to leave it in hotel rooms, so I had it all in my laptop backpack. Made for a heavy backpack!! But good to catch these little beauties.

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  3. Definitely a sign of a dedicated photographer when you always have your “good” camera at the ready and don’t have to resort to the IPhone… Great shots. Was anyone else taking photos or were they all scoffing them as quickly as possible…???

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    1. Thanks PP 😊😊 I don’t like to leave my camera in hotel rooms. Everyone thought I was weird at first, but then they all grabbed their phones and joined me.


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