This photos in this post are my photos from Instagram this week. 

As you may know from previous posts, I am travelling at the moment. I have been visiting Brisbane for work and also managed to catch up with friends. I also got to see some of the beautiful sights, which I posted in last week’s Instagram catchup

On Thursday evening, I flew to Mackay, which is a small city in central Queensland. My parents live here and I’m spending the week with them. I haven’t seen them since Christmas and it’s been wonderful seeing them again. 

I also took the opportunity to go visit the university here. I went to uni here in 1992. It was the first year that this campus was open and so we were the first intake of students at this campus. It was great to see it again, it’s changed so much and grown enormously. 

The canteen serves some pretty cute coffee:I’m sorry for not posting Contemplation this week, it’s very busy here catching up with relatives and friends and I’m also still sick, now with bronchitis and a nasty chest infection. 

I hope you’re all well, hoping to catch up with you all soon. 

x desleyjane 

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