I really want to first off mention this wonderful post from my dear Lucile in Amsterdam. She has sent me some wonderful wishes for my day today. 

I’ve mentioned that I recently attended a Still Life Workshop with Julie Powell in her fabulous studio. One of the things Julz wanted to do was to slice up a flower. She had a specific idea in mind, and being a scientist, I was totally on board with slicing something up.

So we mapped out an idea and Julie held the board steady while I carefully cut the flower into parts. Here are the before and the after:

Of course, I couldn’t leave it there. So, the macro lens got a workout yet again.

I was fascinated by the beautiful little piece that remained after I had removed the top portion of the petals. It’s tight little collection of the petal bases and a magnificent little bud.

And then the petals were so soft and delicate and pretty, so I had to include those as well:

I enjoyed this process and results so much that I can’t wait to do it again. I’m going to try some different flowers and see what I come up with.

Is there anything that you’re keen to try photographically speaking?

x desleyjane

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25 replies on “Deconstructed Flower – 1

  1. Happy birthday, Desley. This is also a fascinating post – the process of deconstruction. The close up shot of the petals somehow takes them to another existence – as if it’s not actually a photograph. Magic. Have a lovely day.

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  2. These are great; I’m all for deconstruction . There are so many genres of photography I’m keen to try. Portraits are my big weakness; I just don’t feel confident pointing a camera at people. Happy Birthday btw. Hope it’s been a great one.

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    1. Thanks so much Su. So far so good. And surprise cocktails coming up very shortly!!
      Yes it’s tricky pointing the camera at people but we should just ask if it’s ok then dive in. I went to one of those dress up-walk through the streets-things earlier this year (as a photographer, not in costume) and those people want to be photographed, we just had to ask. It was a great way to dive into that sort of thing.

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  3. I have noticed before that you have some amazing close-ups, but I did not know you are willing to go to such lengths 😉 😀 The result is utterly beautiful, Desley. Some time ago I came up with a theme “deconstruction” for my photo challenge, and it will be on soon. 😀

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  4. Happy birthday, blogging friend! I’m sure your day was full of good things – and pink! I love the sound of these workshops, and you’ve taken some beautiful shots. The scissored off petals around the heart of the flower reveal something new about this flower, and the petals are a surreally gentle landscape.

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    1. Oh thank you so much Meg. What an amazing day. I had planned to come home with takeout and a bottle of wine and chill out on the couch with my census survey. But I got a surprise call in the morning from my dear friend Tony (the superhero from the slomotion videos a few weeks ago). He was in town from Sydney and decided to change his flights and stay another night! We had a fab evening of cocktails and Cuban food, sweet dessert and a horror film. Such a great and unexpected evening. The census was its own version of horror with the servers all crashing so nobody could log in!!
      Thank you again, I absolutely loved this deconstruction process and I love the colours here, it was just an excellent day in Julz’ studio.


  5. Hope you had a great day DJ. I’m not one for cutting up flowers, but concede that you got a very interesting shot out of the process. Just don’t go sticking pins in butterflies 😉

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    1. Thanks Jude. LOL I didn’t think about the horror of cutting up a flower. Although I was going to call the post Slasher Serial 1. I’m not really evil, just very inquisitive 😉😉 Thank you!

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