As you may know, my love of horror films has led me to set upon poor defenceless flowers and slashing them up for my own (and hopefully your) photographic and visual pleasure.

Previously, I’ve done a rose and a tulip.

This week, it’s a very strange little plant called Serruria, commonly known as Blushing Bride. Here are the before shots. This is a fantastic flower. So delicate, yet spiky and seemingly harsh, but with soft fuzzy centres. I found it fascinating.

Serruria - black and white
Serruria – black and white

I feel like this one may have defeated me. When I sliced it in half, it didn’t feel good. It wept. Which didn’t feel good. The internal structures are not so pretty. It seems angry to have been sliced open, and why shouldn’t it? Why wouldn’t it?

There is another flower in my kitchen, awaiting deconstruction. Destruction. I’m not sure I can do it. I want to, it’s such an interesting plant, but I’m not sure.

I will keep you posted.

x desleyjane

PS – I know how dirty my lens is, I apologise, it’s almost as horrifying as this event was. I will clean it!

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